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Some compare it to online dating, but it's so more sentimental than that. Seriously though. I can't express my love for online shopping, it's so practical and fun. I could never choose between actual store shopping and online shopping, cause my shopping (I'm already tired of typing the word shopping) routine happens in between both and that's how I like it. Yes, many say that the fact of not being able to try the piece of clothing on is a big turn down, but that's the fun in it, besides you can find some really great deals. Anyways, today's all about my favorite online stores. 

Nasty Gal, ok some of you might have heard oh this one, but I can't get enough of it. The models, the clothes, the owner (Sofia rocks) and their instagram. They are pretty nasty chich and their sales are a-ma-zing. http://www.nastygal.com

Net-a-porter, then again that's also a famous one. But if you want to make good deals on luxury items, this is the place to go for. Simple and chic, just like a little black dress. http://www.net-a-porter.com

Sabo Skirt, finally something you might have never of right? Haha, jokes aside, Sabo Skirt is a really nice online store from Australia, they have some really sweet, yet full of attitude, pieces. Their instagram is a lot of fun and they act just like Nasty Gal when it comes to their models, they are picked by hand and are always introduced to their followers. https://saboskirt.com/index.php?cPath=1

Dame Jolie, I'm not sure if this website ships outside of Brazil, but for my Brazilian readers this is a really nice accessories store, with real jewelry and fake ones as well. http://www.damejolie.com.br/products-page/

All Cosmetics Wholesale, is simply incredible for cosmetics and beauty products, they have great deals and deliver everywhere. http://www.allcosmeticswholesale.com

Hypebeast,  this website is 90% men stuff, but well who doesn't like men stuff right? They have the coolest backpacks, accessories and the best gifts for valentines day and all that shit (I'm a romantic as you can see hehe.) http://store.hypebeast.com

TOBI, my eyes just got a little blurry seeing all the amazing stuff Tobi has to sell right now, besides the amazing clothing and prices, they have incredible deals: 30% off NEW ARRIVALS daily and 50% off your first shop. This feels like a Polishop advertising, but what are you waiting for? http://www.tobi.com (my Prom dress was from Tobi!)

Local Heroes, I love funky and stylish clothes, funny tshirts, beanies and caps, fashion is my playground and I'm all about having fun with my outfits. So if you agree Local Heroes is your place, Urban Outfitters feeling (btw my favorite store in the whole world by far.) http://localheroesstore.com/store/

ASOS, last but no least there is ASOS, it is quite famous, but is still really good, you can make some really good deals and a special highlight for party dresses! http://us.asos.com/?hrd=1

Hope you guys liked this post and found at least 1 or 2 new online shopping spots!

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